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Welcome to the Salcombe Web Design blog. This is kept up to date by our Creative Director Daniel Ashton. Daniel is a project manager, graphic designer and website consultant.

Last time I looked at development of metaphors for your icons, I'll elaborate on this later by looking at the development of today's RSS icon.

We're developing icons here, these are intended to be used on a website, app, software or even printed material. We need to consider design consistency along with fact the icons need to work together, as a single system. Designing them all on 40 separate 16 px x 16px canvases will result in them being individual and not a single entity. For example the inbox and outbox icons in a mail client need to have the same basis because they have similar functions. It's vital to design icons in context and in company.

design icons together

When designing icons for websites we're forced (at this stage but watch out for new SVG format) pixels. The placement of every pixel is vital to ensure smooth curves and soft lines. It's important to have a firm grasp on concepts involved in proper anti-aliasing.

In the next blog post I will examine this in detail by looking at the anatomy of an icon. First lets look at the CSS3 icons i'm using on the new Salcombe Retreat website.