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In the last blog post I looked at the 4 different types of icon. Now we can start to look at some of the functions of icons.

Emoticons Love them or hate them they're not going away. In fact I don't think I've received a text message without one in recent months. When you're using only a written medium, where tone of voice is absent, they ensure your meaning is clear.

CoolCryEmbarassedFoot in mouthFrownInnocentKissLaughingMoney mouthSealedSmileSurprisedTongue outUndecidedWinkYell

So one function of icons could be to convey feeling and a tone where facial expressions are missing.

One of the other main functions that an icon might have is to summarise features, next i'm going to focus on a mini case study of the UK online shop for Ikea.