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At Salcombe Web Design we recognise the need for a range of price packages to suit the different levels of websites required by our clients. We take you through a professional design process, focusing on your market and your website users experience. We get you the hits and make sure your west is usable and works across the widest rage of internet browsers and mobile technology.

Budget Pay Monthly

A web solution built around affordability. For £29.99/month you get a domain name and hosting for your new website included, your first years hosting is totally free. We provide you with a simple website, customisable with your own logo, graphics and text. You can update your availability diary and prices. We configure the site for search engine and submit it to Google for indexing.

*12 month minimum term. Hosting renewal charged annually in addition. We do not guarantee front page search engine listings, further marketing maybe required. Opt for a one off payment of £340, invoiced on project start and due within 14 days, before website live. Site updates are quoted for on each occasion

Professional Package

This is our professional level website. Aimed at SME’s (Small to medium sized enterprises). We provide a bespoke website design and logo design, giving your company an instant Internet presence and recognisable, professionally designed brand. We identify where the market is and design your site around high search volumes. A content management system is provided so you take control of your own content.


This is our top-level service. Designed to target Internet companies, who’s online presence is the driving force behind obtaining new business or selling their products. This isn’t just a website development package. This is a total branding exercise for your online venture. The package includes:

A custom designed website, with e-commerce if required meaning you can take online payments
A content management system allowing you to update your own website
Logo design, colour scheme and brad design
Business card layout design
Compliments slip layouts design
Letterhead layout design
Designs for printed adverts on website launch
Visitor analytics emailed weekly
Social network set-up and integration with blogging
Google Adwords setup
A free consultation with our Internet marketing specialists

There are 3 easy ways you can keep up to date with my blog. First off every good blog should come with syndication. You an read all about rss syndication here.. Every time I update my blog I'll post a feed to Twitter and Facebook with a link to the new blog item, I do this using Tweet Deck on my smartphone. In fact I'm updating this blog right now from my smartphone using the BlogPress app. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone
So here it is. The first blog post I've written from my iPhone using the new Blogpress app I've downloaded from the App Store. You simply buy the app for a small fee from the App Store, then install a simple plugin for Joomla and away you go. The future of blogging has gone well and truly mobile. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Today i've started a new branding and website project, so it's the first day of research and ideas building for me. My new clients deal in the communications industry, obviously for confidentiality reasons I'm unable to discuss the details of the project, but I can share some of my research.

This is a new advertising campaign created by Brazilian Ad Agency Moma Propagnada for Maximidia Seminars . As you can see their concept was to create poster style adverts how they would have looked if the big social networks had been around in the 1950's. I have a soft spot for retro designs and often lean towards less angular and more random asthetics. Which I think is going to prove to be my biggest obsticle throughout this project.

Web Design Devon Facebook Advert

Web Design Devon Skype Advert

Web Design Devon Twitter Advert

Web Design Devon Youtube Advert

To realise the potential of the Web we need to review everything we are currently doing in business and in our personal lives. We need to let go of many of our favourite habits, old models, best practices, and much of our current language to "make room" for new things, new knowledge, new languages, and new possibilities. Web design is about broadening knowledge, enlarging our capacity for imagination, expanding business markets, creating new opportunities, saving time, reducing costs, and improving the quality of life by connecting people to people. Although most businesses on the Web have not gotten it right yet, the human desire to connect is clearly there. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone
web design devon mobile technology

Mobile Websites

Salcombe Web Design have gone mobile. If you're viewing this blog entry on your iphone or any other mobile Internet device you'll notice it displays differently on your device than it does on a normal computer monitor. This is because we've developed a template for our website specifically designed to make it a mobile friendly website. Our website is intelligent enough to know when a user enters it from a phone and automatically switches the template to the mobile version.

We're now offering mobile friendly websites to all our existing customers for a one off fee of £100. If you're not already a customer of Salcombe Web Design and would still like us to turn your existing website into a mobile portal then please contact us for a quote.

I will be posting comments and reviews of other mobile websites I see here in my blog. So you can come back here and check out the top mobile websites.



All the websites I build ship with the Joomla content managements system (if client updates have been requested). The Joomla content management system comes with a 'Media Manager' to allow the clients to upload their images and place them on their pages.

Those of you that use social networks like Facebook or photo sharing applications like Instagram will be familiar with image uploading. These larger sites often incorporate image compression during the upload process. Joomla does not feature image compression and this is a phase that must be carried out before attempting to upload your images.

Most web browser on standard PC's and laptops display images at 72 Pixels Per Inch resolution. Most cameras and images extracted from things like print PDFs will be above 300 PPI. This difference will result in your images displaying outside the screen edges and far too large if uploaded at 300 PPI.

Those of you that have Photoshop or Elements will be able to use the Save for Web function to drop the PPI to 72 and also restrict the width and height appropriately.

As a rule you should always upload your images at the actual height and width in pixels you want them to display on your website. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RESIZE YOUR IMAGES IN THE BROWSER. They will still retain their total pixels and cause your pages to load very slowly.

Fortunately for those who can't afford to purchase the expensive Photoshop application you can use and online images resizer like this one www.resizeyourimage.com.

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